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Deeply makes the world safe with Sound AI technology

Sound AI technology revolutionizes urban industries and unmanned surveillance fileds to ensure a safer and more convenient environment

What we do

We give meaning to sound

  • CCTV Integration - Detecting sound in the city
  • Facilities monitoring - Construction sites, power plants, etc.
  • Engine sound detection - Factories, large facilites, etc

Deeply believes that the sound AI technology makes society safer and more convinient. Accidents and crimes in the city can be prevented through sound detection, and machine's life span can be managed by detecting engine abnormalities.

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What we do

We change people's lives with sound

  • Elderly care - Health related sounds detection
  • Baby cam monitoring - Baby sounds detection
  • Real-time danger detection - Screams and rescue requests

Deeply use sound AI technology to keep people safe and help them live better lives. Identify voice information according to gender and age.

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Deeply has successfully developed a technology that detects specific sounds in special environments such as smart city, smart factory, power plant and the military.
Apply the sound AI technology to various industries now.

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