We add meaning to every sound in the world

Sound AI specialized in the unmanned surveillance industry

The most advanced deep learning technology for sound event detection and context recognition

Production-level Accracy

Our solution is based on the largest non-verbal dataset (+50,000 hours, 42 types). It works reliable even in loud and noisy surroundings.

Most Widely Used in Real-world

Our deep learning model immediately detects sound event even in resource constrained devices. Experience the Sound AI engine verified by more than 200,000 users worldwide.

Easy and Fast Integration

Our AI engines can be integrated to various products through SDK, Server SDK, API and Hardware Chip.

Sound AI detects city harzards and engine failure

Deeply's advanced sound AI technology revolutionizes the unmanned surveillance industry

Understanding situations by simply hearing the sound

In the real world, there is so much information that cannot be understood through text. With the help of Deeply Sound AI soulution, you can analyze and utilize the sound context information which text-based AI solution cannot examine.

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Deeply has successfully developed a technology that detects specific sounds in special environments such as smart city, smart factory, power plant and the military.
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